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Welcome Spring!

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Beautiful Gardens with Four Seasons of Interest — Created, Installed, Renovated . . . and more

The most interesting gardens include a combination of colors, forms & textures.

Woodpeckers are regular visitors to the bird area.

How much time do you spend enjoying your property? Does your yard have a variety of places in which to get outside and enjoy nature – gardens where you grow edible food, borders filled with plants to attract birds and butterflies, and a kid’s garden where they can connect with nature? Do you have beds of flowers to pick and enjoy indoors, foundation plantings that enhance the look of your home, and a landscape that pleases you just as much in the shorter days of Fall or the depths of Winter as it does in early Spring or mid Summer?

Create an area just outside your window to enjoy bird activity!

Is your yard friendly to our native birds, butterflies and beneficial insects? If so, it will be healthier for you as the owner of that property. Imagine a world where we think of gardening as an activity that enhances well-being – for us, for wildlife, and for the planet.

It’s all about working with nature instead of against her. . . and doing so in a way that results in less maintenance, eco-friendly gardening principals, and best of all, is a great benefit to you, your family, and to all living things associated with your little piece of Earth.

It’s this knowledge that I love to share with people through my garden design/installation/renovation work, garden coaching, lectures, and other events.

I am a Master Horticulturist with over 35 years of gardening experience. My passion is creating beautiful gardens that support Nature that result in enjoyable spaces for the homeowner. Each “gardenscape” that I design is unique. When I let the site guide me in the creation of my gardens and landscaping, the results are always very special because they support all living things associated with the space.

Whether I am creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat or a quiet meditation corner, installing a new foundation planting or renovating a garden border, or working with a local school to create a schoolyard garden for kids and teachers, my goal is to create a garden space that works in harmony with nature. The design criteria, and the benefit for you as the homeowner, is an eco-friendly, low-maintenance garden/landscape that provides you with year-round interest and enjoyment.

Are you considering some changes or additions to your property? Think of Gardenscapes as your local resource for all of your gardening and landscaping needs. Give me a call at 413-588-1084.

Until we meet along the garden path . . . . .


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