Beautiful gardens created in harmony with nature . .


Spring in the Garden

. . . long awaited, with every emerging green sprout and spot of color welcomed.


From late March to the end of June, Spring in your garden can emerge from winter with the earliest spring bulbs, blooming shrubs and colorful foliage, and gradually progress to a late spring symphony of blooms.


Let Gardenscapes help you plan your garden symphony, providing you with easy-care plants and solutions, and ways to support songbirds and important pollinators to help grow you and your gardens!

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Create beautiful Zone 5 gardens and landscapes in harmony with Nature!
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A homeowner from Amherst says...

We truly appreciate your attention to detail in garden design and the spirit of excellence you bring to the project....the new beds are pleasing and harmonious. They not only bring butterflies but also joy!

Garden Daydream: I want to —

Refresh my garden

Create a multisensory garden

Gardenscapes through my window

Improve the view from my window

Enjoy my Zone 5 garden in all 4 seasons

Invite wildlife to my property

Build a healing space in my garden

Prepare my home & garden for sale

Create a new garden design

Simplify my landscape

Plant an easy-care kitchen garden

Host Debbie for a lecture or workshop

What’s your garden dream?

Let Debbie Windoloski and the Gardenscapes team help make it come true.

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Garden Coaching

Do-it-yourself with Debbie Windoloski’s expert guidance

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Kind words…..


‘I appreciate, with all my heart, the way you work with plants and the earth and the openness you give to me in creating these gardens at my home.’

DM, Conway

‘The garden areas all relate better to each other now….I love that the garden in front of the bedroom is almost full… looks great from inside too. It all just looks so much better. I can’t thank you enough for the transformation and only wish I knew of you 4 years ago!’

JR, Haydenville

‘I am thrilled with the plant and tree care charts. Our plants will all appreciate the proper care…finally excited about our gardens and feel more in control. Thanks to you.’

JR, Sunderland

‘I was delightfully blown away by both you and your garden. You love those gorgeous plants and they love you back. You showed me how a garden could be a work of art and a source of joy and healing.’

MP, Florence

Free, timely advice on these important Zone 5 topics:

  1. 10 Simple Steps to Planning Your Garden
  2. 10 Tips for Dealing with Winter Damage
  3. 10 Tips for Waking up Your Garden

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Making plans for a new or refreshed garden, starting small with a kitchen garden, sprucing up your property before putting it on the market….whatever garden project is percolating in your mind,  turn your green dreams into reality with Gardenscapes as your partner.



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